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Wormy Agro Science is a Modern Agriculture Company. We develop products and systems to help farmers around the world grow crops while using the best of the inputs efficiently. We believe Organic Inputs has the potential to bring humanity's needs in balance with the resources of our planet. Wormy Agro Science was established in the year 1996 under the guidance of Mr.Anshuman Pal, during that time it was one of India's First Bio & Organic Fertilizer company. Since then the company has diversified into multiple categories of Agriculture Inputs. The company's policy is to provide the best of products and never compromise with the quality, which is evident from regular sample tests of the products at the Government level from time to time.
Our team includes agriculturalists, horticulturists and pest control experts that have in-depth knowledge along with exceptional professional skills which help us in bringing forth a great quality range of product. Our skilled business ethics and easy payment options have enabled us to serve a huge client base. We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure base comprising several departments, ranging from research & development unit to production and logistics units. We have installed the latest machinery in these units to develop world-class products and run the operations smoothly. Our entire operations are headed by experienced professionals, who execute their assigned jobs diligently within the parameters of productivity, time and costs. Since our establishment, we have been meeting the market demands successfully. Due to our quality products and customer-centric approaches, we have earned a strong base of satisfied patronage.

Pesticide, Insecticide & Virocide

Viro Guard

Virus Controller


Larva,Fruit & Shoot Border Controller

Hexa Guard

A Bio Plant Protectant & All Types of Sucking Pests

Fly Guard Plus

Specially for Whitefly,Aphid & Jassid


Specially for Thrips & Mites

General Plant Growth Promoters


Humic,Fulvic & Amino Acid , Nitrobenzene & Seaweed

It is an organic product. Can be applied to all types of crops. It grows on the vines and roots of the tree. It is completely soluble in water. Helps to increase crop quality with strong root formation and grain nutrition


Amino Acid, Auxine and Filler Material

It nourishes the plant, helps the plant to grow and strengthens the stems. Applies to all types of fruits and vegetables.

Flowering Stimulant


Carboxylic Acid & Folic Acid

It helps in increasing the number of flowers and fruits of the tree. Helps increase fruit size and keeps the plant fresh.


Magnesium Sulphate

It can be applied to all kinds of flowers, fruits, vegetables. This gives more flower buds to the tree and prevents the fall of the fruit. Therefore, the yield increases.

Soil Applicant



Nu Soil

Calcium Carbonate Base Soil Neutraliser

Nu Soil is High quality soil conditioner It controls the pH of the soil and makes the plants fresh and green Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Zinc, Boron and Manganese



Srijan There is no alternative to earthworm or vermi-compost for cultivation Increases the nitrogen holding capacity of earthworms There is no harm in overuse Significant results are obtained by using it as the main fertilizer for land preparation and later as compost fertilizer

Sticker and Spreader

Super Gum

Sticking Agent

It is a sticking agent which helps to keep only pesticide, pgr and insecticide attached to the leaves of the tree so that the pesticide and insecticide are not washed away by rain and fog.


Spreader,Sticker,Activator,Penetrator & Wetting

It is a glue that acts as a spreader, sticker, penatrator, wetting, activator and helps to keep pesticide, pgr and insecticide attached to the leaves of the tree so that the pesticide and insecticide are not washed away by rain and fog.

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Pallav Shil

They have a wide range of good quality products and a very cooperative staff.

Mrinal Malhotra

They have good range of products which are great in quality and the sales team and customer service is really helpful.

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